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Viva Carbon - top pet coke supplier

Viva Carbon is among the top pet coke suppliers in India of Fuel Grade Pet Coke and Anode Grade Pet Coke - US, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Canada, Chinese pet cokes. 

We are preferred pet coke suppliers to leading cement, calciners, chemical and steel industries in India. Customers value our consistent quality, reliable supplies and personal service. 

Petroleum coke (Pet coke or Petcoke) is a solid by-product of the petroleum refining process. Based on the pet coke uses, it is classified as Fuel Grade Petroleum coke or Anode Grade Petroleum coke. 

Fuel Grade Pet Coke

Fuel Grade Pet coke is used as a fuel in power plants, cement kilns, steel industries, blast furnaces etc. Fuel Grade Pet coke accounts for over 80% of the global pet coke production. 

Anode Grade Pet Coke

Anode Grade Pet coke or Raw Pet Coke (RPC) or Green Pet coke (GPC) or non calcined Pet coke is used by calciners to produce Calcined Petroleum coke (CPC). CPC is used in aluminium, graphite electrode, steel and titanium dioxide industries. 

Global network

Extensive reach, reliable deliveries

Viva Carbon sources Fuel Grade and Anode Grade pet cokes from major pet coke producers in the world. Our customers thus have access to a wide range of pet cokes. 

Origins: USA, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia, South America, South East Asia

Indian ports for pet coke: East Coast (Krishnapatnam, Vizag, Karaikal), West Coast (Kandla, Mormugao)

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Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke

Viva Carbon is among the leading suppliers of High Sulfur Fuel Grade Pet coke from USA and Saudi Arabia to Indian industries. Read more>>

Anode Grade Petroleum Coke

Viva Carbon is a trusted supplier of low sulfur and high sulfur Anode Grade Green Pet Coke (GPC) to calciners in India. Read more>>

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