Viva Carbon- reliable coal suppliers in India 

Viva Carbon is among the reliable coal suppliers in India for steam coal (thermal coal) and coking coal. We are trusted suppliers of US coal, South African coal, Colombian coal, Chilean coal, Indonesian coal and Australian coal. 

We are preferred suppliers to leading cement, chemical and steel industries in India. Customers value our consistent quality, reliable supplies and personal service. 

Steam coal

Viva Carbon is among the trusted steam coal suppliers in India.  We supply steam coal (thermal coal, non-coking coal) of various origins and grades. 

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Metallurgical coal/ Coking coal 

Viva Carbon is among the trusted metallurgical coal suppliers in India.  Metallurgical coal (met coal or coking coal) is used in steel production. By 2023, India is expected to become the world's largest importer of metallurgical coal. 

Global Network 

Extensive reach - reliable deliveries 

Viva Carbon sources high quality coals from major coal miners in the world. Our customers thus have access to a wide range of coals of various origins and grades. 

Origins: USA, South Africa, Colombia, Chile, Indonesia, Australia 

Indian ports: East Coast (Krishnapatnam, Vizag, Karaikal), West Coast (Kandla, Mormugao)

Cargo size: Cape size, Panamax

Sales: FOB, CNF

US Coal Buy >

Viva Carbon is among the trusted US coal suppliers in India. We have rich experience in sourcing high GCV US steam coal from major coal mines in USA. We specialise in high-GCV, low-ash US coals such as Northern Appalachian (NAPP) coal and Illinois Basin (ILB) coal. 

Typical Specifications: NAPP Coal                        ILB Coal

Net calorific value (NAR): 6900 kcal/kg                         6200 kcal/kg 

Net calorific value (NAR): 6750 kcal/kg min                 6000 kcal/kg min

Moisture (arb):                  6-7%                                       12% max

Ash (arb):                            7-8%                                       10% max      

Volatile Matter (arb):        35- 38%                                 33-35% 

Sulphur (arb):                     2.5- 3.5%                               2.5- 3% max 

HGI:                                      50- 55                                   50- 55

Size:                                      0- 50 mm                             0- 50 mm

Viva Carbon is among the trusted South African coal suppliers in India. Viva Carbon supplies various grades of South African coals from leading coal mines in South Africa. We supply RB1 coal and RB3 coal grades from Richards Bay terminal to Indian ports.  We specialise in supplies of high GCV South African steam coal ranging from 5500 to 6000 kcal/kg NAR. 

Typical Specifications:  RB1 coal                    RB3 coal

Net calorific value (AR): 6000 kcal/kg            5500 kcal/kg 

Moisture (arb):                 12% Max                   14% max

Ash (arb):                           15% Max                   23% max

Volatile Matter (arb):       22% min                   20% min

Sulphur (arb):                      1% max                    1% max

HGI:                                      45- 70                       45- 70                          

Size:                                      0- 50 mm                 0- 50 mm   

Colombian Coal Buy >

Viva Carbon is among the reliable Colombian coal suppliers in India. We supply Colombian steam coal from major Colombian mines to industries in India.  

Typical Specifications

Net calorific value (AR) basis: 5500 - 6000 kcal/kg

Moisture (arb):                          12% max

Ash (arb):                                    12% max

Volatile Matter (arb):                22% min

Sulphur (arb):                             1% max

HGI:                                              45- 70

Size:                                              0- 50 mm 

Chilean Coal 

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Viva Carbon is among the trusted Chilean coal suppliers in India. We supply Chilean steam coal cargos from Mina Invierno mine in the Magallanes region in South Chile. 


Typical Specifications

Net calorific value (AR):     4200 - 4400 kcal/kg

Moisture (arb):                          19% 

Ash (arb):                                    20% 

Volatile Matter (arb):                38% 

Sulphur (arb):                             0.5% 

HGI:                                              50

Size:                                              0- 50 mm 

Indonesian Coal Buy >

Viva Carbon is among the reliable Indonesian coal suppliers in India. We supply Indonesian coal cargos from Indonesia's coal rich Kalimantan region to Indian ports. 

Typical Specifications

Gross calorific value (GAR) :   4200 kcal/kg            5000 kcal/kg

Net calorific value (NAR):         3800 kcal/kg            4700 kcal/kg

Total Moisture (arb):                 37% max                        26% max

Inherent Moisture:                   13- 15% max                  13- 18% max 

Ash (arb):                                    4- 8% max                       4-6% max  

Volatile Matter (arb):                40- 42%                       40- 42% 

Sulphur (arb):                             0.8% max                       0.9% max

HGI:                                              55- 60                              40-50

Size:                                              0- 50 mm                      0- 50 mm 

Australian Coal Buy >

Viva Carbon is among the reliable Australian coking coal suppliers to steel industries in India. We supply metallurgical coal cargos from the Newcastle coal region in New South Wales, Australia.

Typical Specifications

Gross calorific value (arb) :     6000 kcal/kg

Net calorific value (arb) :         5500 kcal/ kg                  

Moisture (arb):                          10 -12%  

Ash (arb):                                    12-15%

Volatile Matter (arb):                35% min

Sulphur (arb):                             0.8 - 1%        

HGI:                                              40- 60   

Size:                                             0 - 50 mm 

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