Anode Grade Pet Coke (Raw Pet Coke)

Top Anode grade pet coke supplier to calciners

Viva Carbon is among the top Anode Grade Pet Coke suppliers in India to calciners, carbide and chemical industries. We supply Raw Pet Coke of various origins - US, China, India, South East Asia. 


High carbon, low ash - used in aluminium anode industry

Anode Grade Petroleum coke is also called Raw Pet Coke (RPC) or Green Petroleum Coke (GPC). 

Green Pet coke is obtained from the cracking of the fuel feedstock during the crude oil refining process. Green pet coke is further processed to produced Calcined Pet Coke (CPC). Calcined Petroleum Coke is used primarily to produce anodes used in aluminium smelters. CPC is also used in graphite electrode, titanium dioxide, steel, metallurgical, chemicals and other carbon consuming industries. 

Calcining increases the carbon content (as it decreases the volatile matter) and thereby increases its electrical conductivity. Calcined petcoke has the highest Carbon purity. The quality of Anode Grade pet coke greatly depends on the amount of volatile matter (content of sulfur and metals). Lower sulfur and metal content means purer Anode Grade pet coke. 


Anode grade pet coke from USA, China, South East Asia

Viva Carbon is among the top Anode Grade Pet Coke suppliers from major pet coke producers  in the world. Our customers thus have access to a wide range of pet cokes (0.5% - 6% sulfur) 

Sources: USA, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia, South America, South East Asia

Indian ports for pet coke: East Coast (Krishnapatnam, Vizag, Karaikal), West Coast (Kandla, Mormugao) 

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Highest carbon, low ash

Sulfur:         0. 5 - 6%

Ash:             0.1 - 0.5% 

Moisture:   6 - 9 %

HGI:             75 - 95

Iron:            250 ppm

Vanadium: 350 ppm

Calcium:     220 ppm

Nickel:        200 ppm

Silicon:       185 ppm 

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